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  Hefei Qianbaijian Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in 1997. It is a professional manufacturer of endoscope cleaning and disinfection machines, Medical instruments washing and disinfection machines and Medical Sterilizers,

  Its product lines include: hospital central supply room and endoscope center overall cleaning and disinfection solution, cleaning and disinfection traceability system, automatic soft endoscope cleaning sterilizer, hard endoscope automatic ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, embedded full- automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfection workstations, rapid full-automatic cleaning sterilizer, polymer material endoscope cleaning and disinfection workstation, stainless steel endoscopic cleaning and disinfection workstation, endoscope storage cabinet, endoscope transit vehicles, endoscope leak detector, multi-functional integrated stainless steel steam cleaning and sanitation center, reduced pressure boiling vacuum ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, ultrasonic spray cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine (including single frequency, dual-frequency, triple frequency, desk type, vertical type, and elevation type), boiling sterilizer(including desk type, vertical type, and elevation type),multi slot ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, full- automatic washing tank (surgical instruments pre-cleaning spray), drying cabinet, eyewash equipment, stainless steel check packaging machine, dressing cabinet, cart, instrument cabinets, and other cleaning, disinfection and drying equipment and stainless steel accessories for supply room, operating room and endoscopy center, covering more than 50 varieties and over 600 specifications.

  Hefei Qianbaijian Medical, with a group of high-tech product research and development teams and a group of high-quality scientific research management talented people, has always being at a leading position in the product technology. At present, it has obtained more than 50 patents and software registrations; With advanced testing equipment, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and other technical requirements all in readiness. the company has developed a series of high-quality, sophisticated and high-qualified products that have been sold to more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and dozens of countries and regions around the world. we will keep striving for excellence in products with zero defects self-required standard, excellent technology and providing perfect after-sales service. We warmly welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to visit, and negotiate business, also technical cooperation.
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