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Technology and Application
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  Ultrasonic spray disinfection machine adopts ultrasonic atomization technology, electronic overfrequency oscillation (1.7MHz frequency, over human hearing range, no harm to human animal), through the high-frequency resonance of atomizing piece, the liquid water is thrown away from the water surface and produces natural and elegant water mist, atomizing disinfectant into a fine mist particle with diameter of 1-10 microns, and spraying it to the space needed for disinfection, and then kill it. The effect of killing airborne bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. Compared with ultraviolet and forbalin fumigation, the effect of sterilization on human body is obviously improved.
  It is widely used for air disinfection and deodorization in various public places, such as medical treatment, food, pharmacy, quarantine, epidemic prevention scientific test, public transportation tools, supermarkets and waiting rooms. Disinfectant and deodorant are mainly bioactive substances extracted from plants or microorganisms, which can completely neutralize pollution molecules, so as to control pollution sources.
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