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automatic ultrasonic spray cleaning sterilizer
    Publish time 2020-04-07 10:52    

Lifting automatic Ultrasonic spray washing and disinfection machine
  (hard endoscope washer disinfector)

Main performance and characteristics

Ultrasound high energy lumen perfusion irrigation
  Ultrasonic energy and pressure pump drive fluid through the lumen inside and outside the instrument, in ultrasound and pulse
  Under the action of washing, it can effectively remove soluble dirt and insoluble dirt.
  Chemical cleaning and lumen perfusion
  The detergent is automatically and precisely added to the cleaning solution, and all the gas in the compression chamber ensures that the cleaning solution can be
  All surfaces are in contact with the interior to facilitate removal of all organic matter and microorganisms.
  High-pressure spray perfusion cleaning to remove internal and external surface cleaning agent residues
  Completely removes the residue of the cleaning agent on the inner and outer surfaces of the instrument, while cleaning without lumens reduces cleaning time.
  Deep cleaning pressure perfusion
  Cleaning all pre-washing, cleaning, disinfecting, drying, and cleaning fluids, lubricants, and rust inhibitors
  There is pressure to ensure that even the most complex lumen cleaning can be met with standard requirements.
  93° heat disinfection AO value standard
  Make the internal and external surfaces of the instrument (regardless of length) effective AO worth disinfecting effect.
  Efficient drying
  The drying standard before sterilization is guaranteed.
  Standard lumen cleaning quick connector
  A standard interface for quick and direct connection to hard endoscopes.
  Fully automatic program control
  Imported PLC programmable control, 7-inch color LCD touch screen man-machine dialogue, 24 sets of programmable
  Preface, preset 6 groups of programs can be arbitrarily selected.
  Full process record
  The printer prints the cleaning and disinfection process data in a timely manner, which is convenient for users to archive and trace.
  Process traceability system and remote control (optional)
  Operator information can be collected, and process data for disinfection with the cleaning machine is measured by the network and the user.
  Calculate system connections for simultaneous management and remote monitoring.
  Automatic lifting work window
  Automatic lift door and working window, greatly reducing the possibility of accidental burns
  Labor intensity.
  Fully automatic addition of chemical additives
  Automatic and precise metering of enzymes, lubricants, and rust inhibitors.
  Fully automatic inlet and outlet function

Cleaning process

Pre-cleaning → Spray cleaning → Ultrasonic cleaning → Spray rinsing → Boiling oil → Hot air drying

Scope of application

Suitable for hospital laparoscopic, arthroscopy, ventriculoscopy, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, laryngoscopy and biopsy
  Clamp, high-frequency electric knife, cytometer, incision knife, guide wire, foreign body forceps and other hard endoscopes, surgical instruments
  Internal and external cleaning, disinfection, and drying of mechanical and luminal instruments. Through the ultrasonic all-round no dead angle
  Cleaning, perfusion and drying techniques provide the same brushing and rinsing of the inner and outer surfaces of the instrument.
  Disinfect, oil and dry.

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