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Medical Instruments Automatic Washer Disinfectors
    Publish time 2021-03-03 10:42    

Medical Instruments Automatic Washer Disinfectors

Medical Instruments Automatic Washer Disinfectors

Scope of application

Widely used in hospital endoscopes, luminal instruments, conventional instruments, scalpels, hemostats, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, suction devices, respiratory anesthesia tubes, syringes, test tubes, glass tablets, dressing bowls, various plates Large, high-quality, fast, efficient, safe and economical automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying of drums, pressure gauges, etc. It effectively protects the safety of workers and avoids cross infection. It is the ideal equipment for hospital cleaning, disinfection and drying.

Main performance and features:

Innovative Technology

New solutions and innovative technology applications greatly reduce water injection, heating and drying time, and reduce waiting time for program operation.

Cleaning process:

Pre-cleaning - warm water cleaning - warm water rinsing - thermal disinfection - lubrication, anti-rust treatment - hot air drying

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